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Together with Carpet of Life, RVDK made a couture jacket from textile scraps

Carpet of Life is not limited to making carpets! You can see a rug as the end result, but it can also be treated as a piece of fabric. That is exactly what the Dutch fashion designer Ronald van der Kemp has done. He envisioned Carpet of Life as the basis for a jacket. Using old fabrics that would otherwise have been wasted, Zahra, Naima and Roukiya turned this fabric into a carpet. Back in the Netherlands, the carpet was transformed into a coat. This 'fake fur' coat was presented at Paris Couture Fashion week in January 2020. "This is what sustainable couture looks like", Ronald said after the show. "We are proud to work together and bring Moroccan craftsmanship together with haute couture". From carpet to couture!

Photo: Daniele Oberrauch /

Photo: Marijke Aarden


Carpet of Life coat on the catwalk during Paris Couture Fashion Week

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