Adrie Papma renovated an old house

A while ago my husband and I bought a house in the semi-rural countryside, close to The Hague. My family giggled about the large, sandy pasture we had bought. For a while we kept friendly Friesian horses there. But then my riding daughter moved out and one of the horses died. This was my moment to bring history back to life: with our own hands, we converted this sandy pasture into a large green garden full of flowers.


My roots lie in one of the Dutch polders, where the Dutch water turns into mud and then into farms. Two of those Dutch farmers were my parents. As a child we asked them time and again to tell that story: after the war you went to that empty polder and then what? They started with planting, sowing and planting and transformed that muddy, grey polder into a green, fertile and flourishing landscape.


That's the story of my Carpet of Life: that grey, sandy background with that blooming, colorful diamond on it! All the clothing used belonged to my daughters, my husband, my parents, and mine! I would very much like to thank the women from Taragalte for making my carpet, including the women from ButterflyWorks, who helped me with the design.


Everyone has their own little Garden of Eden. It's my counterweight when I sometimes feel angry and frustrated at so much ugly and grey injustice in the world today.