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Carpet of Life in de paneltalk tijdens CARE // FULLY CURATED POP-UP

Tijdens de CARE // FULLY CURATED POP-UP georganiseerd door online webwinkel en vegan modemerk Noumenon, was Carpet of Life uitgenodigd om te spreken in een panel met het thema: Re-purpose.

In het panel namen we plaats naast Sanne van Sympany, Ron van Dress for Success, Frederique van Prêt-à-Fred en Dena from Noumenon

"The theme is "Re-Purpose". Worldwide more than 25 billion tons of clothing end up in landfill, 95% can be Re-Purposed. During this second edition of our CARE // FULLY CURATED POP-UP we will explore different solutions, new business models and initiatives taking action on this topic. From recycled materials, vintage clothing, repairing and customising to prolonging the wear life of what you already have, every step & action counts. Get inspired by new initiatives at our opening panel talk, learn new skills and (re)-discover your own style during our workshops!"

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