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Project coordinatoren foto door Sarah van Looy

We have teams in Morocco, the Netherlands, and Belgium

We work the way we want the world to work: connected. Carpet of Life was founded as a non-profit organization by ButterflyWorks and Taragalte in 2012. In 2015 Hendrikje Meyvis and Marion Meyvis took over Carpet of Life and expanded it into a social design brand. In 2019, in Amsterdam, Marina van Dieren joined the team as coordinator for the Netherlands.


An essential part of Carpet of Life's work is carried out by the team in M'hamid, Morocco. Zeineb, Meryem, Nzaha, and Zahra manage the production and work closely with the 56 weavers who make the carpets. 

Co creation

Carpet of Life works together with:


Butterfly Works is a pioneer in the co-creation and use of design thinking in international developments.


Taragalte is committed to preserving the cultural and environmental heritage of the M'hamid region of Morocco.


Bouvouac Le Petit Prince is the creative heart of Carpet of Life. The camp is located in the Moroccan Sahara and consists of a dozen nomadic tents, with a large communal area where cultural events can be organized.

Carpet of Life would never have gotten to where we are today without the belief in the concept by the Butterfly Works and Festival Taragalte teams. Over the years, many creative and smart people have been involved in the development as volunteers, interns or team members. We would like to specifically mention a few strong ladies as they have been the real "Desert Rebels" who have lived and worked for a long time under very basic conditions in M'hamid El Ghizlane to literally pull Carpet of Life out of the sand. They have experienced everything from violent sandstorms, great cultural differences, heat, resistance, floods and the friendship and strength of the nomadic population. Shout out to these desert rebels:

Anne Vader, Saskia Baard, Lea Liabastre, Lien van den Heuvel, Justien en Hendrikje and Marion Meyvis.


Photos on this website are made by Sarah van Looy, Sarah Hickson, Pam Kat & Sander van Eyck, Thatsaleaf


Our team of 56 weavers who make your Carpet of Life in the Sahara.

Our weavers choose not to be recognizable in the photo. We respect this choice and show our team through the unique cloths they wear.

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