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 Your Carpet of Life, Handmade in the Sahara 

A unique carpet made from your pre-loved garments. Crafted in a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation in the Sahara. That is Carpet of Life. A new life for your old wardrobe, the continuation of a nomadic tradition, and a fair income for the makers. Read more here




Create a unique item, with Carpet of Life's knotting or weaving technique. Artworks, garments, pillows, and other textile objects.



The shirt you wore on your first date, the dress from a successful job interview, or your newborn's first romper.


We all know the feeling of a piece of clothing that is too old to wear, but you just can't throw it away.

That's why you give them a new life!


Overstock, unsaleable samples, and simple textile waste. Carpet of Life offers a zero-waste solution for fashion and interior brands.  



The Carpet of Life carpet has a sound-absorbing function. Perfectly used as acoustic panels in large spaces.


Choose your Carpet of Life

Choose the Carpet of Life that suits you. Pricing depends on the size, the amount of textiles, and, the design. For a tailor-made offer, call or email us for a design intake. Costs include transport costs (Amsterdam - M'hamid and back). Delivery time is three to five months, depending on the season and the transport times.


50 x 50 cm

±4 kg textiles

From € 150,-


210 x 260 cm

±24 kg textiles

From € 1395,-


70 x 120 cm

±8 kg textiles

From € 395,-


260 x 420 cm

±48 kg textiles

From € 1895,-


130 x 210 cm

±14 kg textiles

From € 895,-


Andere maat?

Een unique piece?
Laat het ons weten via e-mail.


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